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Danila Kozlovsky: “I understand too little about love”

This year, as many as seven films with his participation are released. What does not prevent him from storing loyalty to the theater, playing in the performances according to Chekhov, Grossman, Golding, and now swing and Hamlet. The sex symbol of the generation prefers not about love, but about his projects and plans. Meeting with Danila Kozlovsky, who is rapidly moving along the flow created by himself.

He lives between Peter and Moscow, between the theater and the cinema and is going to live between Russia and the West. Therefore, each day is scheduled for minutes, and we, waiting for him in the studio, are worried that there is not enough time for shooting and interviews. But Danila Kozlovsky, almost without being late, busily interested in: “How much do you take to shoot?”And laughs, learning that for more than two hours. “Yes, you are crazy! Well, let’s work!»And then, fulfilling the wishes of the photographer, http://mit-pankow.org/2023/12/13/gama-na-dengi-obzor-2023-i-bonusy-igrovye-avtomaty/ laughs and frowns, waves his hands and pulls on the nose of the gate of the sweater, jumps and, it seems, even hangs in the air. After 50 minutes, the photographer and art director state that everything has already been filmed. “Well, I told you what? What are two hours there! Need to work!”Now I’m already starting to worry that with his energetic approach to work, the interview will be reduced to 15 minutes of vigorous” yes “and” no “. And I honestly warn that for Psychologies, this pace is not suitable – you need depth.

Danila Kozlovsky: And what depth you want from me? Children’s memories?

Psychologies: Naturally. Still know that psychology is about the fact that mom and dad are to blame for everything. Here are yours what is to blame?

D. TO.: Yes, quit, they are not to blame for anything. I generally be biased to the past. It all goes for me under some kind of optimistic-nostalgic sauce.

Well! Didn’t you be sent from Moscow to a harsh educational institution at the age of 10 – the Kronstadt Cadet Corps? Already for this you can be offended by parents?

D. TO.: Well, again about the cadet corps! Nobody sent me, you understand? I went myself. They sent my brothers there, but I didn’t want to part with them. And he himself insisted on this at the age of 10. True, the brothers were soon kicked out of there, but I eventually stayed. Not that they were some kind of unbalanced or something else. Although, of course, we were difficult children – well, three boys in one family that you want. But they did not immediately accept all this order of the cadet corps and actually did everything so that they were expelled from there.

You are probably offended by them! What, by the way, you have a relationship now?

D. TO.: Wonderful! However, we were not particularly close in childhood. You understand that in childhood a difference of two years is a colossal. Goga was 12 years old, I am 10, and Vanya 8 are three different people, three different ages. And now we have gone through all sorts of difficulties and have become really close people.

Okay, it did not work out with personal history, let’s try with geography. What do you say about the contrast of Peter and Moscow as a person living between these two cities?

D. TO.: I will say that it, of course, is. Grown, artificial, from beginning to end by ourselves formed. But now it already certainly exists. And we live in this opposition, obey his rules, conflict, joke over each other. Although, of course, these are two different cities. First of all, they have different energy. The first thing that catches my eye when I get to St. Petersburg is not an architecture, not an expression of people’s faces, there is no. I feel completely different energy. But for me there is no contrast. I grew up in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the theater academy here, my teachers live here, here Lev Dodin, here is my theater – and Peter, probably, will remain a special city for me for my whole life. And Moscow is my homeland. Well, yes, and also Moscow is a movie and all my “side” projects. But as a person I have formed – and I continue, I hope to form – it is in St. Petersburg. In general, you know, I got a job well. In my life, two cities are fully and very involved in equal terms. And what cities!

In a new status

Close people, perfect friends, but they should not be together – such rules of the game offers the life of the heroes of Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky. And before understanding that the parting promises new opportunities, the future stand-up comedian Nikita will have to ride on the American hill of revenge, jealousy, tragedy, clowning and … inevitable growing up. Alla Anufrieva

“Status: Free” Pavel Ruminov.
At the box office since January 21.

And where did you live in Moscow?

D. TO.: On the falcon. At the very beginning of Volokolamsk highway. We spent all our childhood, climbing over the fence of a neighboring MAI. They ran, holigated, beat the glass, once I even started a truck standing there. Our pets were buried there. I remember I had a chicken-for some reason I asked my dad to buy me a chicken.

D. TO.: Yes, it happened. We walked around the market at the Saltykovka station, there we had a summer house. And I suddenly saw these chickens. For some reason I even remember the price-3 rubles were sold for 3 rubles. And I began to ask my dad to buy me chicken. And he bought! I took care of him for some time. He lived in my Moscow box in my Moscow. The chicken was amazing … I say now and I understand how naive and stupid it sounds, but even now it hurts me to remember it. You see, this chicken died through my fault. I really looked after him, walked him.

On the leash? Danila, you are kidding?

D. TO.: No, now you yourself will understand! And in general you are the first journalist to whom I tell all this. No, of course not on a leash. The chicken walked in the yard, and I looked after him. And at some point I was called to walk the boys-dorsya. And I so wanted to go with them as soon as possible that I ran home and just threw this chicken on the floor in the hallway-I thought that someone would pick it up and take it to the box. And a neighbor from the top floor came to mom – a woman was very complete. And she stepped on him. Did not notice … And you say, I am kidding. I came in the evening, and at night it suddenly dawned on me: where is my chicken? “You just remembered him now? – said mom. – No your chicken, he died “. I asked the older brother, he said that he buried the chicken behind the fence, at the MAI recreation. And I went there and excavated the grave – the place that my brother showed me. This was my first meeting with death, in fact. I still remember this chicken wrapped in polyethylene.

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